Commercial DSL

Commercial DSL

Broadband service, uses  phone line and includes e-mail.  Available in Bedford, Bloomington, Columbus, Mitchell, Salem, Paoli, Seymour, and all surrounding areas.  Up to 7 Mbps down / 768Kbps up

Dry loop (no existing phone line required) available in some areas.  Click here to qualify and receive pricing.

Commercial DSL service includes up to 4 e-mail addresses and priority support.

  • Premium router equipment
  • Anti-Spam protection

Accessing your wide area network or the Internet through DSL is a fast, affordable way to connect to your business information.

As DSL has evolved  it has become the best way for growing companies to improve productivity and profits while saving money on telecommunications expenses.

More Bang for Your Buck

With DSL, you will literally get more for your money with hosting packages and spam filtering built into several of the DSL products.

DSL makes it easy to add applications such as video surveillance or productivity applications to your business’ portfolio.

Some features of DSL are described below:

Commercial DSL
Broadband service, uses phone line. Available in Bedford, Bloomington, Columbus, Salem, Mitchell, Paoli, and  surrounding territories.  Dry loop (Dial Tone not required) available in some areas.
Qualify Online Below!
Speeds from 1.5MB down to 7Mb down are available.  This depends on location and Network. Please Qualify Online to see pricing and speeds offered in your area.
Domain Hosting available in some commercial packages. Please inquire if interested
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