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Technical Support

Creating a Dial-Up Connection to HPC in Windows Vista
  1. Click the Windows Logo button ("Start" Button)
  2. Click Welcome Center

  3. If the Welcome Center icon is not directly on the start menu, type "Welcome Center" (without the quotes) into the search box and press enter. You may then click on the Welcome Center icon that appears in the search results.
  4. Double Click Connect to the Internet
    1. Click Setup a new connection anyway if it appears.
  5. Click Dial-Up
  6. Enter the information as follows:
    1. Enter the Dial-Up phone number: 277-8856
    2. Enter your user name (in lower case letters!)
    3. Enter your password (in lower case letters!)
    4. Check "Remember"
    5. Enter the Connection name as "HPC"
    6. Check "Allow other people to use this connection"
  7. Click Connect

  8. NOTE: The information entered above will not be saved until the dial-up connection succeeds. If the connection fails or "Cancel" is pressed, the information may need to be entered again.
  9. Click Continue if you are prompted with a User Account Control/Security warning.

Your Connection to HPC is complete at this point and you are ready to go online.

You may also want to setup your e-mail account.