Windows 7: Dial-up instructions


What you’ll need to know:

                ISP phone # 278-8856
                username / Email address (you selected this when you signed up for an account)
                password                            (you selected this when you signed up for an account)


Step one:

open Network and Sharing Center



Click on Start Button


Type the word “Network” as indicated below




Click “Network and Sharing Center” from the search results





Step two

Create Dial-up Connection



Click “Setup a New Connection or Network”





Select “Connect to the Internet” and Click Next


Select “Dial-up”



Enter the Information from the “What you’ll need to know” section of this document.




Important:  Place a check in the “show characters” checkbox and examine the password field for mistypes or spelling errors.


When you are satisfied that the information is correct, Click the Create button.





Step three



Once you have created you connection windows will automatically attempt to connect to the internet. You will need to have a working dial-up modem installed on your machine. Please note that most computers DO NOT come with dial-up modems.


If windows fails to connect please contact HPC support at 275-2456 Monday – Friday 9am until 7pm.