God, Genesis and the big bang

picture credit: NGC6543 (NASA and HST)

A look at the Creation Evolution controversy.
The Bible and nature are in agreement.
It is scientists and theologians that disagree.
From the big bang to Adam and Eve, Genesis is the truth about creation.

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Whether you believe in a 6,000 year young earth created in 6 days or a billions of years old universe evolving by natural selection, I hope you will rethink your position as we take another look at God, Genesis and the big bang.


An Open Letter to Pastors and Church Leaders - Some of your people are hurting and you can help set them free.

Bible and science articles:

Young Earth - Old Earth, what does it matter? - Why even worry about this subject?

Science and the Bible can be harmonized - Introduction to Ussher's chronology, naturalistic evolution, creation science, and separation of church and state.

The Bible and Science in Conflict - A Brief History - Theories on the origins of the universe, fossils of dinosaurs and cavemen, Darwin and natural selection.

Understanding Genesis Chapter 1 - Read it again for the first time.

Scriptural Evidence for Long Days - The Bible confirms the old age of the earth.

The Origin of the Universe - The big bang model and quantum mechanics.

The Creation / Evolution Controversy Part 1 - The argument and terms defined.

The Creation / Evolution Controversy Part 2 - What the Bible says.

The Creation / Evolution Controversy Part 3 - Looks at the physical evidence.

The Creation / Evolution Controversy Part 4 - The physical evidence continued.

What I learned at an Answers in Genesis Conference - Get the inside story.

What's Wrong With This Picture? - Science on TV can be hazardous to your brain

A Practical Man's Proof of God - Guest Article by John Clayton of Does God Exist?

Science Finds a Purpose For The Appendix -  How should Christians respond?
Scientist and Christian William Parker PhD has written a thought provoking letter to the body of Christ. I link to it from my short introductory article.

Theology and general study:

Entropy, the Fall, and Adam - Who’s responsible and who’s going to clean up this mess?

The Tree Of Life - There is more to it than you think!

Why are young people leaving the church? - Something to think about.

Why Does God Hate Me? - God made me this way, so why is he mad at me?

Suffering and the absence of God - Where is God when my world is falling apart? *New!*

Christianity, world religions and philosophies - what's the difference.

Flat Earth - A Lesson To All Of Us - How Columbus' journey made the history books

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